Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's that time...

Hear that sound? Wedding bells. Yes friends, It’s wedding season. The attendance of these festivities is a topic that I will be devoting more than one post to this summer. I am attending a wedding with my boyfriend at the end of this month, and have been devoting a LOT of time looking for something appropriate to wear. That seems to be the hardest part of the occasion. Finding something appropriate. SO MANY RULES! I was raised a southern girl, and down here the rules are more stringent. 
If you are not familiar, I will give you a refresher:

1. NO white!(off white, ivory, cream, light tan, or pattern with too much white in it for that matter.) The cardinal rule of weddings is that you do not, under any circumstances, want to outshine the bride. White, and its permutations, are reserved for her on this day. (Unless you are Pippa Middleton, then by all means wear a sexy white dress)

2. Be careful if you want to wear black. Black is usually a symbol of mourning. There are some exceptions though. If it is a more formal event then black may be suitable. Use your good judgement, no one wants to piss off a bride. Especially if you are the groom’s ex girlfriend, or a plus one of a guest. If you just hate pastels, navy or grey might be a safer alternative.

3. Avoid very bright colors e.g. red or hot pink. This goes along with the “Don’t outshine the bride” rule of thumb.

4. Don’t wear anything too short or low cut. There will be old ladies there, and they will judge you. Just sayin’.

Finding something tasteful is harder than it seems. I’ve rounded up some options for daytime weddings along with some that are a little more formal. Hope this helps. Happy Shopping!

Here is a picture of the dress I purchased for a daytime wedding in Nashville, TN:

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