Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shop Spotlight: Gewgaws

When I was little, one of my favorite things to do at the mall was go to the nature store and stare at the geodes. They were so sparkly and beautiful, I always left the store begging my mother to let me take one home. Now an adult(though I'm not fully convinced), I have been delighted at the recent trend of using such stones in jewelry. When I was introduced to this Queens, NY based jewelry shop, I knew I needed to introduce you to it as well. The designer specializes in the traditional technique of hand knotting pearls on silk chord. Working with only 100% genuine pearls, precious & semi-precious stones and metals, It is evident that the designer has a real passion for the materials. I had the pleasure of a brief Q&A with the designer Mary Jane, and she gave me a little insight into her inspirations: 
“I draw on the materials themselves. Sometimes I develop a design and then shop for the right materials afterwards, but more often, the design comes to me just from looking at the material and thinking how best to feature its natural properties and characteristics. “ - MJ

Mary Jane’s designs are currently being featured at the Queens Museum of Art’s “Made in Queens” initiative. If you are local, head over to the museum to see these lovely pieces in person. Otherwise, click below to shop online. Did I mention that the prices are phenomenal? For a special coupon code courtesy of Mary Jane, head over to my tumblr blog HERE. Happy Shopping!

Shop: gewgaws on

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Festival Guide

Last night I had a lovely Skype chat with my BFF who (sadly) lives on the other side of the state. We were discussing her upcoming trip to Bonnaroo and since she has never attended a festival before, I was helping her pack.  After our chat, I realized that a good rule of thumb for any festival is to plan as though you are going on a music filled journey through the Desert: It will be hot and water will be scarce. Unless it rains, there will be no showers. If it rains, there will be mud. You will be sweaty and dirty. WEAR SUNSCREEN. 
After you get the survival essentials prepared, you must pack the clothing essentials. 
  1. Bathing suits - you will be sweating A LOT. Better to be walking around in a bathing suit that dries quickly than soggy bra and undies. Also, if the heat becomes too horrid, you can strip down your bathing suit at anytime. (For some Etsy options, see my “splish splash” post)
  2. A decent sized bag - Chances are that your sleeping arrangements are not anywhere near the stages. You will need something that can carry your water, SUNSCREEN, phone, $, camera, food, booze...see where I’m going with this?
  3. Light layers - Did I mention it will be hot? You want to pack like you are going to the beach. Don’t bring your maxi dress unless it is paper thin. I would recommend shorts, mini skirts, rompers, lightweight materials, and maybe a button down to throw on if it gets cold. 
  4. A Scarf or two - these babies can be a light cover up if needed but best of all, they are a great way to hide your greasy hair. You can tie them up like Rosie the riveter and stay cool. (see the example photo for another cute way to wear your scarf)
  5. Rain boots - I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that you will probably be wearing sandals to this event. However, if it rains, those dry fields will quickly become a mud pit. Do you really want to ruin the cute sandals you bought JUST to take on this trip? Didn’t think so. Find a sweet pair of rain boots just in case...
Here are some Etsy options for your festival wear. Have fun!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shop Spotlight: ashaloo

I just happened upon this shop because of a Tumblr post. Thanks tumblr friends! I immediately decided that I needed to share this shop with you all. Ashaloo creates unique accessories that just ooze glam rock. I'm currently drooling over the gold headpieces and ear cuffs.  In regards to the inspiration, here is what the shop owner said:

"I find myself inspired by many antique tribal jewels & vintage pieces so a lot of my jewels are modern takes of something from the past. Many of the pieces are made from reclaimed/recycled materials or sourced rare vintage dead stock. All of the rings are cast in New York City" 

Needless to say, I've started a wishlist.
UPDATE: mention this post and receive free shipping from ashaloo!
Happy Shopping!