Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shop Spotlight: Gewgaws

When I was little, one of my favorite things to do at the mall was go to the nature store and stare at the geodes. They were so sparkly and beautiful, I always left the store begging my mother to let me take one home. Now an adult(though I'm not fully convinced), I have been delighted at the recent trend of using such stones in jewelry. When I was introduced to this Queens, NY based jewelry shop, I knew I needed to introduce you to it as well. The designer specializes in the traditional technique of hand knotting pearls on silk chord. Working with only 100% genuine pearls, precious & semi-precious stones and metals, It is evident that the designer has a real passion for the materials. I had the pleasure of a brief Q&A with the designer Mary Jane, and she gave me a little insight into her inspirations: 
“I draw on the materials themselves. Sometimes I develop a design and then shop for the right materials afterwards, but more often, the design comes to me just from looking at the material and thinking how best to feature its natural properties and characteristics. “ - MJ

Mary Jane’s designs are currently being featured at the Queens Museum of Art’s “Made in Queens” initiative. If you are local, head over to the museum to see these lovely pieces in person. Otherwise, click below to shop online. Did I mention that the prices are phenomenal? For a special coupon code courtesy of Mary Jane, head over to my tumblr blog HERE. Happy Shopping!

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  1. Yes, she is remarkable...she is my daughter! steve wagg