Saturday, May 28, 2011

Splish Splash: Swimwear!

Monday is Memorial day, and that means one thing: SUMMER! I am lucky enough to live in a place where summer began about a month ago. Which means I am late to the bathing suit party. For a while I thought the idea of buying swimwear off of Etsy seemed very, "buy at your own risk." The idea of vintage swimwear - or - some stranger wore it swimwear, gave me the creeps. Some of the handmade options I happened upon were pretty grim as well. However, I kept searching, and after weeks of research I am happy to present my findings. All of these items - except one- are handmade. Some can even be made to your personal specifications. Most of them are retro inspired and will make you feel like one hell of a pin up this summer.

also by Harajuku

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